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Chimaera was a 2D stealth action game I developed during college using a custom game development system and engine I had built over the course of 7 years.

The game harnessed a sophisticated real-time colored lighting system (that later was enhanced to utilize normal maps to provide per-pixel lighting) to provide realistic environments and accurate vision for AI-driven guards and enemies.

In 2005 I submitted a 5-minute demo build to the IGF Student Showcase. I was later forced to abandon the project after a hard drive failure destroyed some important parts of the source code, but I continued to utilize the technology in later game design prototypes.

Chimaera: Briefing from Katelyn Gadd on Vimeo.

Chimaera: Gameplay from Katelyn Gadd on Vimeo.

Download IGF 05 Installer

Download 2003 Tech Demo Installer